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Angie Iaquinta | 04/02/15

Many years ago, tattoos were done on men and not on women.

Jennifer Justus | 04/02/15

Many women prefer to have butterflies put on their waistline. We can put photos in full color on your body for you.

David Markley | 04/02/15

There are many ways to pierce your body.

Carolyn Kohlberg | 04/02/15

Tattooing is a special art form that must be learned form experts.

Elsa Ponce | 04/01/15

Covering up bad art on your body is something we can take care of for you.

Charles Pence | 03/30/15

Whether you want a popular butterfly or a flower or a gang symbol, we can imprint it on you.

Jennifer Mullendore | 03/28/15

People who have lost children often have pictures in full color tattooed on them.

Edie Churich | 03/27/15

You can have body art put just about anywhere on your body.

Deborah Zeien | 03/25/15

We are experts when it comes to tattooing special artwork on bodies.

Faye Overton | 03/25/15

If you prefer to have full color body art, just let us know.

Colleen Donohue | 03/23/15

Some people don't realize that you need to be a great artist to be a great tattoo artist. People in many countries come to our tattoo studio because of our expertise.

Anthony Tonar | 03/21/15

Putting the photo of your children on your body is very popular. Women will sometimes have angle wings, butterflies or moon and stars inked near their waistline.

Cody Taylor | 03/19/15

Decorating the skin is something that has been done for thousands of years.

Jennifer Purcell | 03/17/15

People fly in from all over the world to our tattoo studio.

Bob Wakeham | 03/17/15

Inking is being looked at as a form of expression these days.

Bobbi Muije | 03/15/15

You can get a tattoo done in black and white only. We can put the photo of a loved one you've lost into body art for you.

Helen Carrasco | 03/15/15

If you're looking for fresh ink designs, we can make them for you.

Aislynn Trubee | 03/15/15

Many sons have the names of their mother or girlfriend put on their arms.

Greta Baker | 03/13/15

People have been getting inked in dark green for many years.

Bruce Blake | 03/13/15

We are a company made up of very talented artists.

Donna Boyd | 03/13/15

Years ago the only people you would see with body are would be service men.

Bradley Howell | 03/12/15

Putting artwork on the body has been done by people all over the world for centuries. Some times people like to have names of loved ones inked on their bodies.

Bethany Yokom | 03/12/15

We can ink you from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.

Edith Molen | 03/11/15

We can put a tat on just about every inch of your body.

Douglas Walker | 03/10/15

There are many reasons people have a tattoo done.

Constance Cordell | 03/10/15

Yin and yang is a popular tattoo for people who like yoga and whole body health.

Henri Adams | 03/09/15

As far back as the ice age is when tattoos have been found on bodies.

Francois Cahn | 03/08/15

Tattoos are commonly called tramp stamps when they are done on women.

Brennon Shaffer | 03/08/15

Many older tats can be freshened up by expert tat artists. Roses are very popular tattoos with young girls.

Elize Bravo | 03/07/15

Soldiers came back from the war with patriotic tattoos years ago.

Jeffrey Haars | 03/06/15

Body builders are famous for having tats all over their body.

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