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Christine Sheekey | 04/18/15

Soldiers and sailors were the people you would see with body art years ago.

Amber Walker | 04/18/15

Some people want their entire body filled with tattoo artwork.

Ariel Scott | 04/18/15

Before you have anything permanently put on your body, be sure to think about the consequences. Many sons have the names of their mother or girlfriend put on their arms.

Caroline Roberts | 04/18/15

If you are interested in becoming a tattoo artist, you need to be a good artist to begin with. Graphic artists make excellent tattoo artists.

Deborah Powell | 04/18/15

We are world famous tattoo artists who can take care of any old and faded tat you might have.

Cynthia Ponton | 04/18/15

We have inked many famous celebrities who fly in from all over the world.

Adriene Rathbun | 04/16/15

As far back as the ice age is when tattoos have been found on bodies.

Courtney Snow | 04/15/15

If you have a bad design you need covered, our artists can do that for you.

Elizabeth Darr | 04/15/15

There are many reasons that people want to have specific designs put on their bodies.

Brian Rue | 04/15/15

Decorating the skin is something that has been done for thousands of years.

Abigail Corrin | 04/13/15

Putting artwork on the body has been done by people all over the world for centuries.

Dana Meyer | 04/11/15

Memorials are tattooed on arms, legs and other body parts.

Ellen Gratch | 04/10/15

We are a company made up of very talented artists. Sometimes women who have had surgeries need tats to replace body parts that are now missing.

Donna Hansen | 04/10/15

Some people have the face or name of a loved one permanently engraved on their bodies.

Duane Barlow | 04/08/15

We can ink everything from scary figures to puppies and kittens.

Dawn Mcglothin | 04/08/15

Using the right artist will help you be sure you have good looking body art. Most of the time you will see a specific gang sign on members bodies.

Amber Kephart | 04/06/15

People in the martial arts have tattoos on their arms.

Barbara Quinn | 04/04/15

Body piercing can be done in our studio. Inking is more popular with women these days than it has been in the past.

Carol Torres | 04/02/15

A skull and crossbones would be considered a popular tattoo.

Bruce Walker | 04/01/15

People fly in from all over the world to our tattoo studio.

Deb Maple | 03/31/15

Tattooing is a special art form that must be learned form experts.

Jennifer Hallstrom | 03/30/15

We can ink you from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.

Herminia Quiles | 03/28/15

Whether you want a popular butterfly or a flower or a gang symbol, we can imprint it on you.

David Smith | 03/28/15

You may not realize how artistic you can be when having a memorial done on your body.

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